ReaConverter Pro

ReaConverter Pro 6.5

Edit and convert image files from 340+ formats in batch mode
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ReaConverter is a user-friendly powerful and feature-rich tool for Windows to edit and convert image files from 340 formats in batch mode. If you need to do something with more than one image at once you've made the right choice. The tool lets you test and apply different image editing actions to a large number of files while converting. You can always save all editing actions and use later if needed. Just a several image editing actions available with ReaConverter includes: image resize, crop, rotate, mirror, change color resolution, change image's brightness, contrast, change color balance using the filters, add transparency watermarks and borders, replace one color with another, make a transparent GIF, modify images using different effects (sharpen, blur). ReaConverter lets you convert your files from different formats, and from different folders to a specified file format and folder, give your files names, set their new size, etc.

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